Heavy Civil

Ft. Sill Low Water Crossings

This project included reconstruction of three low water crossings at Fort Sill near West Cache Creek, Old Starr Road at Quannah Creek and the Greble Road at Sitting Bear Creek. Improvements included Reinforced Concrete Box structures with headwalls, aprons and wingwalls, rip rap bank protection of existing creek banks, and new roadways on each side of the new bridge structures.

Concho Water Treatment Plant

This project consisted of refurbishing and adding onto an existing water treatment plant for the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes.
A new filter/clarification unit, with chemical treatment systems, was installed while the existing system was still in place. Extensive upgrades to the electrical and yard piping systems were also performed.

OSU Central Plant

Downey Contracting provided a key role as a prime subcontractor for construction of underground chilled and steam water distribution for the New Central Plant Project at Oklahoma State University. Downey Contracting provided mass excavation, engineered shoring systems, and backfill and restoration for the underground distribution piping and concrete vaults. The schedule required close coordination with other trades to meet critical deadlines, while maintaining access and safety for students and faculty.

Overholser Water Treatment Plant

Backwash System- Furnish and Erect a Glass-Fused-To-Steel Bolted Water Storage Tank, including the foundation, tank structure, free span dome and tank appurtenances. Furnish and Install Programmable Logic Controllers. Furnish and Install Human Machine Interface system.

Lime Softening Improvements-Furnish and Install a Dry Lime Feeding System, Lime Slaking, Lime Day Tank and Connection to existing Lime Silos. Furnish and Erect Lime Feeding System Building.
Flocculator Improvements-Replace Sluice Gates, Replace Rapid Mix System, Replace Flocculator Equipment, Clean Flocculator Basin, Electrical Improvements.

Midwest City Water Treatment Plant

Construction of a new 6,960SF structure, including new filter basins, secondary granular activated carbon filtration units, backwash piping, valves, under drains.